Basic Front Desk Navigation: Step Three - The Letters

Basic Navigation Principles - The Academy Series letters


At LeftFoot we start with the concept that you have to teach the player to be an athlete first, then to have the ball skills second. We work backwards from what our greatest players can do and where your child is in that developmental curve. We refer to this as the Great Player Model of Development. 



This is where our Academy can get a bit confusing, but we'll organize it for you with colors and shapes!

If you notice that the Academy Series Icon is a circle you'll see that one part of the circle is an arrow that keeps flowing around each link. That's because skill in soccer is an ever evolving process that we can keep refining through the journey of youth soccer. Just because we get to U16 doesn't mean we're done learning or getting better. That's the reflection of our sport and the Academy.



So what do the letters mean?

The Grey Letters represent which Skills Progression your player is learning. We use the term Skills Progression because we teach in order of how players learn. You can't learn one skill without learning another skill first. 

In the Youth Academy we developed in 2014, we went in sequential order, Y1, Y2, and Y3. Pretty easy. There's a lot to each one, but it's sequential. 



The Junior Academy is where we started in 2010. It basically starts with the concept that there's the Foundation Series, which is Six Essential Skills that every player must learn, followed by the Combination Series, where we connect the footskills with the BallStriking add more skills and then finish the progressions with the Creative Series. This is where the player has learned to blend everything together in new ways, but is not done in our eyes. They just graduate to the Senior Academy.



The cycle is complete at this point. 

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