Basic Front Desk Navigation: Step Two - The Academy

Basic Navigation Principles - The Academy

Creating the space for players to have access to all types of coaching and managing a facility is complex. We have a ton of options in our programming to service ages 8 - 22 through the entire year. But let's go through the basics of the navigation first.

Start with our Services Tab



You'll notice we try to create a method of showing an "icon" with the title of the actual service product. 

This is because we have over 16 different offerings through the year to add value to the way you get supplemental coaching services. 

Here's another offering. You'll find it under the Winter Scheduling Tab when it's available. This is Dynamic Training, a course of ours, but I'm getting ahead of you. Let's get focused on the basics. But do get the idea? Icon first, Service or Product Second.


Let's get through the Service Tabs first:

Services : An overview of everything we do and our process of doing it. If it's a big picture idea, we'll start here.


One on One: We offer three different types of One on One Coaching Services. From simple topics and random scheduling to prescribed coursework with a coach on set days. All One on One Services start with this tab. Look for the "Star" to see if it's a One on One Product or Service.


Youth : Our Youth Academy starts with this tab, it's only the classes that are offered on the weekends and evenings. We have seasonal scheduling, so the summer is different than the winter, spring and fall are similar, but kids have to go to school...


Junior : Our older players U14- U19 in three different progressions; Foundation Series, Combination & Creative Series. These progressions are based on skills that we teach, not the competitive level of the player.


Topics: This is one you'll want to look over, you'll find our specialty classes here taught by our seasoned coaches. These will have different prices than our other programs, but you can schedule specific work with specific coaches. Topics can range from one hour courses to weekly 45 minutes sessions.

Schedule: This is our Master Scheduling page. It will allow you to see everything on our schedule, except One on One services and Coaching Calls. 

Guidance: Coaching is more than footskills, we offer a host of Coaching services through the year with our players. We consider these Appointments vs Classes. You can schedule with a coach here. 

Support : Our Support Tab links to our Help Center, which you found already!

Staff: We're seasonal, so during the summer and holiday breaks, our collegiate players come home to add more sessions, learn more about them here. 

Okay, we're done with the big picture...

Let's start with understanding what your child can participate in...

Our Academy Progressions.



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