The Semi-Private Reserve Plan

The Semi-Private Reserve Plan is a premium option that allows players to enroll specifically with a coach of their choice on a specific day and time. The plan expires after a set number of weeks and guarantees the player one session every week with the option to reschedule a missed session within the same week.

But what does it really mean when we say " reschedule a missed session within the same week"?? 

  • Each week there is one class available to your player included in your pass
  • If your family cannot attend the session you have previously enrolled in, you can reschedule your player into any Semi-Private Coaching class in the same week
  • For example, if your original class is set for Wednesday, after you cancel your player's enrollment you can reschedule into any class from the Saturday before through the upcoming Saturday of that week

What are the perks of a Semi-Private Reserve Plan?

  • The plan guarantees you into the same class every week, with the same coach, at the same time; there is no pressure to enroll your player or worry about being on the waitlist
  • LeftFoot staff enrolls your player directly in the class of your choice (unless you reschedule - that's up to you!)

But how much does it cost?

  • With a Semi-Private Reserve Plan each class is priced at $30/session with an additional $35 sign-up fee to cover the administrative time to enroll your player in the class of your choice
  • For example: for a seven-week Semi-Private Reserve block, it would be 7 classes at $30/session + $35 sign-up fee = $245

Which classes does this pass cover exactly?

  • The Semi-Private Reserve Plan only covers Semi-Private Coaching classes (45-minute small group classes that often run in tandem with a Privado™)
  • Academy Series classes can only be paid with Fast-Passes, Tuition Plans or Single Pass visits

Seriously though, what do I actually need to do to get a Semi-Private Reserve Plan?

  1. Check your coach's Semi-Private Coaching schedule and choose a class that consistently works with your schedule 
  2. Submit a request here to let us know which class and time you would like
  3. Accept and pay for the purchase request that will show up in your account
  4. Attend your session each week! (That's all there is to it, seriously!)

Yes but what if I have to reschedule, that seems a bit confusing... 

  1. Un-enroll your player from the session you know she/he will miss (this can be done weeks in advance!)
  2. The same late-cancel rules apply - so remember to un-enroll them more than 24-hours in advance
  3. Find a class that your player can attend dependent on their series level and enroll them
  4. Attend your rescheduled session! (That's all there is to it, seriously!)

What if I forget to early-cancel my player, can I still use my pass in that same week?

  • Unfortunately with the way our system generates the pass, there is NO way to get this class back if you forget to early-cancel your player
  • We apologize for this! This is a parameter of the pass, but also how our coaches are guaranteed pay for their Semi-Private Coaching classes
  • This is no different than the cancelation policy for all Academy classes - ALL classes must be canceled with 24 hours or more in advance 


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