Promotion to Creative Series

Creative Series is the progression after Combination Series and a central part of the Senior Academy. Once a student has mastered the skills of Combination Series in Junior Academy, a BallStriking test is preformed by the student. Based on the coaches’ assessments you will be notified of the promotion to Creative Series through your Student's Profile Page. ( How to Check Your Student's Series Level) 

The Creative Series Ball Striking Test is mandatory for entrance into the Senior Academy: Creative Series designation. 

The Creative Series Ball Striking Test is a seven touch progression which the student needs to start with a Low Instep Drive, receive the ball, strike a High Lofted Ball, receive, release and then strike a Wide Angle Driven Ball. All three strikes need to be perfect and in sequence to receive a passing grade. An A+ is done within 7 touches total. A Passing Grade of a C is all three strikes are perfect, but there were 10 touches or less.

An automatic Failing grade includes; a step back during any of strikes, no release techniques demonstrated, spin on both the Low Instep Drive and Wide Angle Driven Ball and not enough height on the High Lofted Ball. 

Tests are run at any time in students' progression and can be part of the regular session or run after a session. A Master Coach is the only approval of the test accepted without video documentation. Any coach performing a test must video tape the student. (This adds to the pressure of the test!)

Graduation into the Senior Academy: Creative Series is done twice per year:

  1. July Testing into the November Tuition enrollment period. 
  2. March into the Summer Registration Program
  3. Enrollment and Participation in Senior Academy classes can occur during the Spring and Fall Privado program based on "graduation into Senior Academy for March". 
  4. Tuition Passes are only changed upon approval of the Master Coach twice per year based on space demands and enrollment deadlines: August & April. 

The Combination skills that a player must master before being promoted to Creative include:

  • Combines Linear & Lateral Footskills
  • Release Techniques
  • Wide Angle Driven Ball
  • Differentiation of All Three Strikes in Gameplay
  • Jumping Heading
  • Redirection Heading
  • Turning with Pressure
  • Combines Footskills and Ball Striking
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