Accounts: How to look up your student's Academy Series Progression.

Accounts: Finding your student's Academy Series Progression.  

Understanding everything there is in the Academy is difficult enough, but keeping track of your students' account can be challenging on top of everything else there is to do for our kids.
Here's the easy process:
  1. Click on your student's account
  2. Click on their name.
  3. Review...
I know that reads easy, but let's walk you through...
First, let's review YOUR Dashboard:
Second, go to your student's name under the "People you manage" 
If you click right on their name, you'll go to the Profile information. I know, it's not intuitive, but in a wierd way it is...
You'll find all sorts of information here. We sort everything for you. It's that easy.
Let's walk through a couple of the general ideas:
We call this internally, the Perfect Player Profile, and we try to update these twice a year. Once in July and again in February as we prepare for the summer. 
During the year you'll find that we organize our information about your player in several ways:
The Academy Level: Either Youth, Junior or Senior
Your Primary Coaching Contact: This is the coach who is responsible for your account and student. 
Recommended Course(s): If there's additional programming for your player that we recommend, you'll find it here. We don't try and place players in everything, but we try to fit them in the right spots.
Recommended Series Progression : This is where you'll find the current recommendations for your student's Academy Series Progression. 
Coaching Evaluation Status: If your student is Up for Promotion; we'll notify you through your Notifications and list it here. Every coach then knows how evaluate a player for the next progression and we vote as an Academy of Coaches.
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