IV. Premium Services - The LeftFoot Privado™

Find below any and every thing you're wondering about your LeftFoot Privado™ - we are so looking forward to coaching you!

Do I need to be a Member of LeftFoot to be part of the LeftFoot Privado™?

Yes! Full annual membership dues need to be paid and up to date. Exceptions to policy allow new clients to reserve a Privado™ time slot and if no Member wants that slot, then a new client must pay the Membership fee in full along with the cost of the Privado™. 

What's a Privado™ and how often does it meet?

The Privado™ is a 75 minute course that runs the same day, at the same time, with the same coach. The first 30 minutes is usually individual one-on-one coaching with your player and her/his coach; the last 45 minutes is a Semi-Private Coaching (SPC) session where your player gets to put their newly practiced skills to the test with up to three other players. 

I cannot make it to one of my Privado™ sessions - what should I do?

If your coach is the one who cancels your session - they have crazy lives too! - we will of course make-up the session completely. Talk to your coach to figure out a make-up One-on-One time that works and schedule your missed Semi-Private Coaching session explained below. 

If you cannot make it to one of your weekly sessions due to a vacation, illness, previous commitment, sport competition, etc... you can reschedule the Semi-Private Coaching (SPC) session for a different time the same week. Just log into your FrontDesk account and cancel out of that week's SPC and enroll in one that works. The way we set up the pass for the SPC class allows you to use it any time in the same week. If you do not reschedule your missed Semi-Private Coaching class, there is no way to get it back... sorry, this is how the pass is set up! 

But what about my missed One on One session?!?

We understand that everyone's schedule is super busy - Minnesota lakes! Cabin adventures! Other soccer games! - but unfortunately we are Super busy too and we can't guarantee a reschedule of your missed One-on-One session. This makes us sound like mean soccer jerks- but really the Academy is so busy this Summer, there isn't field space to accommodate all of our reschedules! (Plus our coaches specifically save that time for you and have busy lives as well)

Our coaches will do their best to reschedule ONE missed one on one if there is 72 hours or more of notice. This is done with a Privado™ rescheduling code and can be attained by speaking to your coach or by submitting a ticket. 

I want my money back for the Privado™ session I missed- why won’t you give it back to me?

There are NO REFUNDS or paybacks for missed Privado™ sessions. It is YOUR responsibility to reschedule your missed One-on-One session with your coach; we will do everything possible on our end to make this easier for you- but please know there are many players in the Academy who are interested in your coach’s time as well. The money you pay for your Privado session goes directly to the coach you schedule with- when you miss a session that coach has made time in their schedule and life to come into the Academy and coach your player.
If you miss a session we cannot take their money back and refund it to you- our coaches need to eat! Or let’s be real- buy that new soccer swag they’ve been talking about.
We will work as hard as we can to reschedule with you- but there are no refunds. None.
I accepted and paid for my LeftFoot Privado™ purchase request - what's next? 
After you accept your purchase request your coach goes into the schedule and enrolls your player into all their session: every single SPC included. Your player will be bulk enrolled into their One-on-Ones and their SPCs- these will show up in your player's Upcoming Schedule (don't worry - your pass covers everything!). From there, you don't have to worry about anything other than getting your player here on their assigned day and time. 
I am really only interested in the Semi-Private Coaching class portion of the Privado™, not the One on One...
There's great news for you! Check out our article on the Semi-Private Reserve Plan here! It just may be exactly what you're looking for... 
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