Rescheduling One on One Coaching - Privado™ Reschedule

The LeftFoot Privado™ Reschedule (BETA)

This class is designed after a client notifies the Academy of an open time slot for the One on One Coaching portion of the Privado™. This class option is in "BETA" mode and we are TESTING out this process to see if it works to create enough openings for players, coaches and field space when a client cannot make a session. These are NOT guaranteed to work as we test, but if enough people apply good scheduling choices and are proactive with their schedule we believe space will open up for you to reschedule. (Access, Opportunity & Flexibility!)

General Guidelines:

  • Notify the Academy of your need to CANCEL your One on One Coaching Session at least 72 hours or 3 business days BEFORE the session you will miss.

  • You will receive CONFIRMATION that an opening has been created with a COUPON CODE to purchase another visit.

  • We ask that you ONLY work with your COACH based on the price that you paid for your Privado™ since our coaches all have different pay rates. During the (BETA) phase ONLY Christian and Andy will be supported in the Privado ™ Reschedule

  • During the CHECKOUT - Use the COUPON Code for your Privado™ Reschedule. You may only use ONE COUPON per term.

  • Happy Scheduling! - Please give us feedback to make sure we are "checking" the right "check boxes" and staying aligned with our principles of creating Access, Opportunities & Flexibility in everything that we do.

Click here to be taken to the rescheduling page*. 

*You will need to be signed in as "the client" to access the Privado™ Reschedule link.

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