Tutorial: How to Use the Master Calendar in FrontDesk

How to Use the Master Calendar on FrontDesk

Log in to FrontDesk on your mobile device:


Click the Master tab on the main toolbar to view the master calendar.


Click the gear icon to bring up the Settings menu.


Select the Services tab to view session types.


Select None to deselect all options from the calendar view.


Choose only the session types you wish to view, including your Academy Series, courses in which you are interested, and any calls you may schedule.
Session types you want to see will have a green arrow next to the name.


We also recommend selecting all Developmental and Topic One-On-Ones.
Exit this menu by scrolling to the top of the screen and clicking the little black X.


You are now viewing the available sessions on that day. Only the session types you added to the filter appear in this view.
Use the arrows to switch days, or click the calendar icon to change dates.


After clicking the calendar icon, you may choose specific future dates quickly.


Click Close to view the available sessions for the day you have selected.
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