What is Dynamic Training?

If ever there’s a party and soccer combined with a kick @#$ workout it’s Dynamic Training. Dynamic Training is a weekly party engaged with speed, strength, skills and individual “battles” with others and your self for over an hour and a half of fun with our Founder, Christian Isquierdo, and coaches. With 24 weeks of progressive programming, Dynamic Training is the hit of the season to get you ready for yours.

  • 90-minute session
  • Progressive curriculum
  • 24-week course

Dynamic Training is a course geared toward performance. The curriculum is focused on strength, rhythm, power, speed, and skills with a fun, hard, and high-energy environment. Every session ends with a cool-down activity focused on relaxation and recovery.

Dynamic Training Course Policies:

  • No cancelations or reschedules
  • No exchanging sessions for Dynamic Training sessions

Youth Academy Dynamic Training - click here.

Junior Academy Dynamic Training - click here.

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