The Creative Series Program

Skills You’ll Learn in Creative Series

 Mastery of LeftFoot BallStriking™

  • Bent Balls and weak-foot striking, as well as game application and clear differentiation of all LeftFoot BallStriking techniques

Attacking Awareness

  • Functional training focusing on when and why to use all LeftFoot techniques in gameplay

Advanced Resistance Training

Additional Responsibilities

Aside from mastering all the skills coached in the Academy, Creative Series students are held to the highest standards in the Junior Academy, on and off the field.
  • Be a Shining Example for Others
Creative Series students serve as examples to other students in the Academy and are potential Interns in the near future. Their work ethic and style of play is beyond the average player's and should be replicated.
  • Train as Passionately as you Play
In order to train in Creative Series sessions, all students must demonstrate a consistent dedication to training and improvement. Work hard, rest well.

What Happens Next?

 The Elite Series

  • The Elite Series is generally offered only to graduated Lefties who are playing college and are looking for extra training opportunities.


  • Creative and Elite Series students have the opportunity to be involved in the Academy on another level.
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