The Foundation Series Curriculum & Promotions

Skills You’ll Learn in Foundation Series

 Quick Six Touches

  • Foundation Footskills techniques in at least six quick touches using six different surfaces of the feet in gameplay

Low Instep Drive & High Lofted Ball

  • Mastery of the Low Instep Drive and High Lofted Ball, as well as clear differentiation between the two strikes in gameplay

Power Heading & Multiple Juggling Surfaces

  • Proper heading technique and the ability to use six different surfaces of the body while juggling and in aerial gameplay

Mobile First Touch

  • Spatial awareness to take the first touch into space

Promotion to Combination Series

Aside from mastering all the skills coached in Foundation Series, students must also display the following traits in order to be considered for promotion to Combination Series.
  • Dominate Every Session with Skills
Any player wishing to be considered must dominate all their series' sessions. The ability to take over and control a game shows mastery of the skills and a desire to win. Although being physically faster and stronger than participating players doesn't demonstrate skills mastery. 
  • The Ability to Train
To be promoted, players must demonstrate ability to focus in repetition and to train as hard as they play. Combination Series players are willing to make mistakes and learn from them in order to be great.
  • Seek Out One-On-One Scenarios
Players must show desire to find one-on-one scenarios in gameplay and use Foundation Series skills to beat the opponent. 
Tips for Foundation Players...

Master the Skills

  • The Foundation Series techniques listed above are required to be promoted to Combination Series. Students must demonstrate a mastery of the entire skill set. This is necessary because the purpose of Combination Series is learning how to combine Foundation Series skills. Without mastery of every base skill, combination and game application are not possible.

Be Patient

  • There is no such thing as a soccer emergency. There is no race to Combination Series. Students in the Foundation Series remain in the series for a minimum of 12 weeks. This ensures they complete every phase of learning. The Foundation Series was designed to be one year worth of curriculum, and it may take students up to two years to master every skill.

How and When Do I get promoted?


  • During Phases 3 & 4, coaches watch for players dominating their series. Once identified, the student may be nominated for promotion to the next series. Players are encouraged to demonstrate proficiency in skills games of all Foundation Series techniques in each session.
  • Players nominated by a coach may be asked to perform an assessment. The player will be quizzed on the skills being coached in their series. The coach may record video and write an evaluation, and the materials are brought to a coaches meeting.

Coaches Meeting

  • At the end of Phase 4, coaches meet to discuss students nominated for promotion. The coaches vote on each player, and if the player gets enough votes, they will be promoted to the next series. Each coach can only nominate a certain amount of players. Coaches are also required to vote "no" for a certain amount of players to maintain quality in each progression of skills.
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