What is the difference between an Academy Series session and a Semi-Private Coaching session?

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At LeftFoot we organize several different types of sessions and time frames to allow coaching progressions to work with a variety of players needs.

We intervene in three different ways, number of students, duration of time, number of coaches. Typically 


Academy Series sessions focus on instructional training (e.g. how to strike a ball to keep it low, how to position the body to perform a change of direction as efficiently as possible). They are 75 minutes long, have an 8:1 player to coach ratio, and follow a 4-week curriculum rotation cycle that covers Footskills, BallStriking, Spatial Awareness and Aerial Warfare (in that order).


Semi-Private Coaching sessions focus on repetition of the technical skills taught in the Academy Series sessions. They also include more of a focus on why and when to use these techniques, applying a game-like perspective. They are 45 minutes long, have a 4:1 player to coach ratio, and have a more intense nature and competitive play.


Refer to the Course Catalog for more information...

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