How to purchase the LeftFoot “Fast-Pass”



 Buying a LeftFoot Fast-Pass allows you to add on Coaching Sessions whenever you want. You can add 4, 6, or 8 sessions to your package at any time. Be aware! The LeftFoot Fast-Pass is a discounted session that expires after 31 days. Regardless if you used the whole package, the sessions expire. (click here for Terms and Conditions of Use for the LeftFoot Fast-Pass) 
Unfortunately, the Pike13 site is a tad confusing to add more sessions. But here's a quick update on how to do it yourself. 
  1. Go to the Academy Division
  2. Navigate to the Class 
  3. Look for V Show Full Pricing in Blue
  4. Point and Click from there.
Students: If you are a LeftFoot Tuition Student you have a 20% Discount on all Fast-Passes through your Academic year. Check your Student Profile for the Discount Coupon Code! Don't know how to check your profile? Click here.

Go to: 
Select Youth, Junior or Senior to be taken to the division of the Academy that your player is assigned.
Academy Divisions:
Youth Academy
Junior Academy
Senior Academy

  1. Once there, Scroll to Navigate to the  CLASS PAGE: Academy Coaching: Junior Academy or Semi- Private Coaching: Junior Academy page. Either one will work! 


Navigate Past the Banners, 

Click on the Class Page:

Academy Coaching: Junior Academy (that's the class page) 


(During different seasons: Academy Coaching and Semi-Private Coaching are open to Fast-Pass options)



Click Show Full Pricing to view Fast Pass options.


Don't Skip IT!

See the 

v Show full pricing button!?

(I know, hard to see!)

Click on that link!




Select the desired Fast Pass. There are several options
You’ll be directed to the shopping cart.
Upon reviewing your order, click Secure Checkout to complete the purchase.
Congratulations! You will be able to schedule sessions immediately.
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