How do I sign up for LeftFoot membership?

Limited Enrollment & Services

LeftFoot Students enjoy preferential treatment, access and opportunity to study at the Academy. Enrollment in the Student Tuition Plan is limited to about 45 students per Academy Progression. (Senior, Junior, & Youth).

We’d rather work with 110 Students over the course of the year than have to service 400 Clients that come in randomly through the course of the year. While we do offer Memberships for priority access after Students, we try to focus only on long term Student relationships.

Enrollment for the Academy is limited to certain times of the year for new students, although anyone can become a Member at any point during the year. Priority for enrollment in the LeftFoot Privado™ and Student Tuition Plans are given to current Members.

We split our Student Tiers into three designations.

For Spring Enrollment

For prospective clients of LeftFoot to enroll in coaching services as Members or Students we have two options:

Enroll in an Academy Orientation or Enroll in an Academy Accelerator for the summer term. Invitations to the Academy Tuition Plan for Students are distributed during the July promotion cycles when we "graduate" players from one Academy progression to the next. At this time we know how many enrollments we can accept for the coming Academic year. 

Setup a Coaching Visit and Coaching Call. 

If you want more guidance to enroll in premium services for the Summer Programs, individual sessions can be purchased directly from our website. You will need to purchase an individual Coaching Call to follow up with recommendations, expect around $45-55 for an individual session and $35-45 for a Coaching Interview. 

There are NO Spring Trial Application packages for new or returning students. All sessions and coaching guidance are single visit prices. 




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