Tutorial: How to Schedule Classes on Front Desk

Academy Series or Semi-Private Coaching Series Classes

Start with the basic navigation principles:
  1. Start by signing into the Front Desk Scheduling platform :
  2. Understand your Childs' Academy Series Progression AND Academy (youth, junior or senior): --> 
  3. Scroll down to "People you manage"
  4. Be sure to "browse" through the site as Your Child. : 
  5. Click on the Navigation Bar - Your Academy (Youth or Junior)
  6. Be sure you are looking for the correct TYPE of Program: Academy Series or Semi-Private Coaching (based on the season)

Once you are browsing as your player: 

  1. Scroll Down to the Selection of Class Offerings for your Academy Series
  2. Semi-Private Coaching or Academy Series classes will be offered seasonally, check the dates.
  3. Look for all "links" in blue to click to schedule classes. 
  4. Choose from a selection of VIEWS (List, Day, Week, Month) 
  5. Click on ENROLL in Green if there's space in the class that you want
  6. Choose from the Pass or Plan that you want to use.
  7. Once you schedule, you should see the class in your Upcoming Schedule.

Suggestions for Opportunities & Flexibility

  1. If you can't find something that works for you and your family try the Master Calendar for other options.
  2. Browse through the Month view and/or enroll in the Waitlists, 

  • Navigate to your dashboard
  • Click on Junior Academy (or Youth Academy)
  • Scroll down to look for Semi-Private Coaching
  • Be sure to view as a "Month" 

Click your desired class type. Keep in mind your pass is only able to book sessions with the correct series level.



You're done! You can see the class that you booked in your players' Upcoming Schedule.

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