The Youth Academy Program


Our Youth Academy is designed for academy students U9-U12, to be promoted to high levels of youth soccer at the end of their experience.  We find that children within that age range are more likely to maintain focus and develop their skills through a curriculum that focuses on random skills progressions, games, and play but consistent with the LeftFoot methodology.  


Skills Placement

The LeftFoot Youth Academy curriculum will create an atmosphere without pressure for promotion or regression, while offering premium coaching at a pivotal point of development for mastery of skills for progression.  There will be three Youth Academy progressions in which the actual age of the player does not equate the “soccer age”, but prepares students for higher level soccer at a younger age. 


General Design

The Youth Academy is designed for players beginning their journey through youth soccer and organized into three progressions of skills spanning four years of a child's development. Youth Academy I (Y1) is designed for players in their first year of the Academy whereas Youth Academy II (Y2) is designed for players who have completed a minimum of six months and have mastered Y1 skills in game play. Youth Academy III (Y3) is for advanced players who have demonstrated learning behaviors and advanced skills progressions. 

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