Guidelines for Players in the Academy

Behavior & Participation

All members agree to follow the rules of conduct and play set by LeftFoot Coaching Academy, LLC. Failure to do so may result in suspension or expulsion from participation.

No Club Wear in the Academy

We discourage the display of club wear and club affiliates in order to protect our students from cliques, bullying, judgement, harassment, and also recruiting by parents and other students. Students wearing club logos, practice jerseys, club tournament shirts or anything resembling club or team status or league standings will be asked to remove or turn their clothes inside out. Students refusing to change their clothes will be barred from participation in the Academy session without refunds, exchanges, or credits without exception.

No Cleats in the Academy

Turf or indoor shoes only. Not only is this LeftFoot’s turf, but it’s your turf too! Let’s take care of it. Not only does it make our field last longer, indoor footwear also makes it easier to learn more foot skills and techniques.

Food & Beverages

NO gum allowed in or around the facility. No food or beverages on the field. Water is allowed during Semi-Private Coaching classes as long as tops of water bottles are sealed. Water and Gatorade access are only for active members and cannot be billed to guest or trial accounts.

No Big Kicks

No kicking pendulums, or big kicks towards the ceilings - Balls and pendulums could get stuck or damage the heating coils on the ceiling, thus disrupting sessions. Students and parents will be responsible for damages.

Do Not Interrupt Sessions in Progress

If you arrive early for your class, please wait in the designated areas until the current class finishes. Do not enter the field until all players exit the area and the coach instructs you to enter.

No Foul Language, Bullying, Negativity, or Recruiting

Our mission at LeftFoot Coaching Academy is to create a soccer “home” where students can learn, make mistakes, grow, and take their game to the next level in an environment where they can feel safe and free of judgment. The safety of our students whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or socially is our top priority, and any violation of this code of conduct will result in suspension or expulsion from the Academy.


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