Tuition Plan Policies

Tuition Plans are Year-Long

Although Tuition Plans include monthly payments, the duration of the plans is 11 months.

Cancelation of Current Tuition Plan

Should you become unable to attend LeftFoot Coaching for any reason within the first calendar year, you may cancel your plan online with the payment of a $99 early cancelation fee. There are no refunds, exchanges, or credits for this plan.

Suspension of Current Tuition Plan

You may suspend your Tuition Plan for medical reasons only. If your student has suffered an injury and you wish to suspend your account, you must submit a written statement from your treating physician that states you are unable to use the Academy and abstain from sports, contact, etc.

Switching Tuition Plans

You may only switch your plan within the year-long contract if your player is promoted within the Academy. The promotion periods occur three times per year at the end of each trimester: April, August, and December.


If/when a player is promoted to a new Series within their first year of membership, LeftFoot Coaching Academy has the right to change the price per session. At this time, you will have the opportunity to adjust your plan to fit your needs.

Training Schedule Policy

LeftFoot Coaching Academy reserves the right to cancel any session no less than four hours before the class is scheduled. Students enrolled in the class will be notified by LFC via email. Your session will be re-added to your monthly allotment.

Academy Series sessions with four or less students signed up may be reduced to 45 minutes in length. Scheduled classes with only one student may be reduced to 30 minutes in length.

Severe Weather Session Cancelation

LFC attempts to stay open during severe weather but understands you may want to cancel without penalty. Upon any National Weather Service declaration of dangerous weather, tornados, significant winter snow storms, or other extreme conditions, all cancelations or no-shows will be classified as "Reschedule-Early Cancel" without penalty. NWS must classify the storm as such to be declared a "reschedule."

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