Great Coaches Make Other Coaches Better

A coaching academy is not only a place for players to improve, but it’s a place where coaches start their journey of giving back to the game by mentoring others. We’ve designed LeftFoot Coaching Academy to be a home for coaches where they can constantly enrich their lives, find opportunities for continuing education, and has an environment that makes coaching fun.

The Foundation of Great Coaching

In 2015, one of the greatest changes to the Academy was the development of two seats in the Coaching Academy to host, educate, and develop coaches. Steve Bellis, Director of Coaching Development, who has over 25 years of coaching experience, guides our Young Coaches program in coordination with Colleen Carey, Master of Design & Theory.

Steve and Colleen assemble over 35 different progressions in conjunction with Dr. Tyler Bosch, Academy Progressions Advisor. Our Founder, Christian Isquierdo, continues to innovate through the Visionary role of the Coaching Academy. 

Renaissance of Coaching

Our educational platform is designed through the collaboration of great coaches, and we consistently bring in experienced and new coaches to further elevate everyone's coaching skills.

Just as great players make everyone around them better, great coaches help each other become better through peer reviews, coaching accountability tracks, and an innovative progression of Coach Development Training that pushes the envelope of coach education to a level that no other club environment can match.

From this philosophy of creating an environment in which coaches can help other coaches become great, we created the Seven Phases of Coaching Development at LeftFoot™.

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