What do I need to know for my first sessions? What shoes/clothing should I wear?

No cleats. Wear indoor shoes only. Not only is this LeftFoot’s turf, but it’s yours too! Let’s take care of it and help make it last longer! This helps make it easier to learn more foot tools and techniques. 
No club wear. We discourage the display of club wear, and club affiliates in order to protect our students from cliques, bullying, judgment, harassment, and also recruiting by parents and other students. Students wearing club logos, practice jerseys, or tournament shirts will be asked to wear inside out. We do this because at LeftFoot you’re not practicing for your club or high school team, you are training for yourself and fellow lefties. 
Bring water. However, do not bring it on field. We also provide water and Gatorade access, but it is only for active members and cannot be billed to guest or trial accounts.
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