The LeftFoot “Fast-Pass” -Terms and Conditions of Use

By submitting payment to access a LeftFoot “Fast-Pass” through the Front Desk service website, the client and user of the “Fast-Pass” agree to the following Terms and Condition of Use.
The discounted price of the per-session fee entitles the customer use of a “coupon” to be exchanged for attendance at LeftFoot Coaching Academy. These “coupons” have no cash value, cannot be refunded, exchanged, extended or replaced for any other value than the use of the attendee for the Academy progressions that is designated at the time of purchase.
The LeftFoot “Fast-Pass” expires exactly ONE MONTH from the date of purchase and cannot be extended, exchanged or refunded once a purchase has been made. All LeftFoot “Fast-Pass” coupons shall expire and be deemed forfeited upon cancellation of your All Ways A Leftie Membership. Under no circumstances will you be entitled to a credit, cash refund, or other reimbursement for unused or expired free sessions.

No staff member can sell, send a purchase request or "apply" a LeftFoot "Fast-Pass" to your account at any time and under no circumstances may a LeftFoot "Fast-Pass" be applied to your account without your direct submission of payment through the Front Desk website.
You agree that it is your sole responsibility to utilize the LeftFoot “Fast-Pass” in the time and Terms and Conditions of Use and that no verbal agreement by any employee, agent or director of LeftFoot Coaching, LLC shall entitle you to any privileges or promises outside of these Terms and Conditions of Use.
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