What are the Seven Phases of Coaching Development at LeftFoot™?

Our innovative progressions for player development were applied to the development of a coach in 2013. Dr. Tyler Bosch and founder, Christian Isquierdo, M.A., designed a revolutionary approach to coach education and experiential learning called the Seven Phases of Coach Development at LeftFoot™.

It offers a unique perspective on learning how to coach, why we coach players with different progressions, and what to teach. The Seven Phases of Coach Development at LeftFoot™ are behind the scenes on a daily basis in our Academy. 

Phase I

Phase I is the first two weeks of the brand new coach's experience in the Academy. We introduce the coach to our history, theory, and the day-to-day administrative aspects of the Academy. Coaches in Phase I participate in training sessions with coaches and act as training partners in sessions when needed.

Phase II

Phase II is heavy in observation. In this phase, the coach observes Phase III and Phase IV coaches on the field, taking notes and studying.

At the end of Phase II, coaches must demonstrate comprehension of the techniques and concepts coached in Phase III through testing. In order to advance to the next phase, coaches must pass written exams and performance tests.

Phase III

Coaches who have passed Phase I and II exams are now approved to coach structured warmups and Topic One-On-One sessions. Here, coaches get to know the players better and have a chance to gain experience with technical coaching.

During Phase III, coaches must learn all the Youth Academy and Foundation Series skills. At the end of Phase III, they must demonstrate not only that they can perform the techniques, but also that they can coach the techniques and run organized group sessions.

Phase IV

Coaches who have graduated Phase III have shown ability to demonstrate techniques properly, teach and fix issues with technique, and run group sessions. It is at this point coaches may begin leading Academy Series and Semi-Private Coaching sessions.

There are three sub-phases of Phase IV. These sub-phases indicate the Series each coach is approved to coach.

For Phase IV Cycle 3, coaches must obtain an MYSA C-License or higher.

Phase V

The Phase V coach demonstrates a desire for business development. This coach writes training plans for players, creates new programs, supervises other coaches, and guides players through coaching calls and other off-field service.

Phase V coaches are approved to lead Elite Series sessions and various workshops.

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