What is the LeftFoot "Fast-Pass"?

The LeftFoot "Fast-Pass" is a monthly offering of extra sessions.The LeftFoot "Fast-Pass" expires 31 days from the date of purchase, and they can be purchased at any time throughout the year by any member in good standing.

The LeftFoot "Fast-Pass" is considered a coupon and may be used to book into:

Since demand for coaching and space in the Academy fluctuate throughout the year, the pricing of The LeftFoot "Fast-Pass" also fluctuates. Fast Pass prices are adjusted based on the following classifications:

  • Low Season - April, May, August, September -25% Discounts
  • High Season - January, March, October, December +25% Markup
  • Peak Season - February, June, July, November +45% Markup

We use the standard Tuition Plan price of $35/session to allot for discounts and markups on prices. 

  • Members get 10% Off the Fast-Pass Prices
  • Students get 20% Off the Fast-Pass Prices

During times of the year when club and school seasons demand several practices or games per week, the price of The LeftFoot "Fast-Pass" drops significantly.

Our coaches love coaching, and The LeftFoot "Fast-Pass"grants players access to great coaching all year-round.

To purchase Fast Passes from the Pike13 Shop, click here and scroll down to the "Passes" section.

For instructions on your academy page: Click here

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