What other options does my Youth Academy III student have?

Spring Schedule ( April-June 2015 )
Youth Academy III will be given Combination Series and Youth Academy II access to schedule sessions beginning April 15th through June 5th, however NO Youth Academy III sessions will be applied to the curriculum or scheduling systems. 
Summer Schedule (June 5th - August 31st 2015)
Youth Academy III will be given one session per week due to low numbers of players in this select group of athletes in the Academy.  YAIII players will continue to have the ability to schedule into either Youth Academy II or Combination Series progressions until August 31st.
Fall 2015 and beyond
 Beginning in May of 2015 with the selection and promotion of the initial Youth Academy III group scheduling and series progressions will be placed on the schedule for the Fall and Winter series.  Youth Academy III will replace the former Foundation Series I in the progressions. 
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