What are the Movement Series Workshops?

Redefining Movement Series
The Movement Series was designed to be a workshop that we could repeat that would teach skills prerequisite to the Foundation Series and introduce new players to LeftFoot without forcing current students to repeat skills that they should have already mastered.
The Movement Series will consist of Four Required Sessions that players will need to “attend” to be promoted from Foundation Series to Combination Series.
  • Movement Series: Multi-Directional Speed & Agility
  • Movement Series: Lateral Deceleration
  • Movement Series: Cutting at Speed
  • Movement Series: Changing Direction with the Ball
As coaches we’ve noticed that players without a mastery of Lateral Deceleration, Speed Cutting and change of direction have been stalling at the Combination Series. These students are not being promoted from Combination to Creative. Most of the issues are related to lack of mastery of Foundation movements. They can’t move efficiently and have struggled with Movement Series skills that are required to master Combination techniques. 
As part of correcting this issue within our Foundation Series students we are “giving” a majority of Foundation Series 4 Free Sessions titled Bump-Movement Series. These are offered Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. In order for you to be promoted from Foundation to Combination Series, you will need to attend these sessions. Some Combination Series students will also be given these sessions as part of their promotion requirements into Creative Series.
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