There are two Youth Academy Progressions, what is the difference?

Youth Academy I and Youth Academy II are based primarily on experience at LeftFoot Coaching Academy. Most of the designations will be based on skill progressions, time in the Academy, and mastery of skills at a younger age.
Youth Academy I is designed for all new students to engage, learn, and progress within the LeftFoot Coaching Academy Progressions of Skill Development. Youth Academy II will progress students through a more in depth study of the Foundation Series, adapted for players U9-U12.
The end goal of Youth Academy II students will be their introduction directly into the Combination Series once they turn 12 years old.  While Youth Academy II will be a great mixture of boys and girls at a younger age -- sessions and students will have a faster speed and level of play than traditional age groups because of the YA level split.  We highly recommend that your child is scheduled into the assigned Youth Academy.
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