What is LeftFoot Coaching Academy?

LFC was created by Christian Isquierdo, M.A., as a solution to player development that allowed players long term professional training options which clubs and other programs cannot.

This was to offer more than the general clinic or club training that met only one night a week with their team or general clinic in the area. Players can’t get better  in a six week course once a night.

The problems as I saw it were that players were having to spread out their training. This clinic on Thursday, another clinic on Friday night and another training Sunday; all to get in as much soccer as they could.

LFC players wanted more training, more nights and better quality coaching. They wanted a long term relationship with one coach that wasn’t based on winning, playing time or tryouts.

Our specialty is taking players from their current level of play and advancing them to the NEXT Level. Academy players represent every advanced level of play in the state and nation: MYSA, Premier, CI, C2, C3, MRL, Elite Clubs National League (ECNL), ODP, US Development Academy, Division I collegiate soccer, Division II & III collegiate soccer as well as recreational. Over 15 local community clubs have players that specifically develop their technical skills at LeftFoot Coaching Academy. In 2012 the teams that won the U14 and U15 MYSA State Championships and went Premier had 5 “Lefties” each. The U16′s State Runner-Ups had 3!

The LeftFoot Coaching Academy based in Minneapolis, off of Highway 62 and 35W offers more than just a once a week clinic, but a 10,000 sq ft facility and over 30 hours a week to schedule small group player sessions.

LFC is a unique and different experience outside of the clinic and camp models offered by many Minnesota clubs and programs. A limited number of players are accepted each semester to train together. Additional players are allowed in seasonally. Over 462 players are currently involved as of Winter 2015.

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