How do I know if One on One Coaching is what my player needs?

How do I know if One on One is what my player needs?

Most parents seek One on One Coaching because they believe their player needs help and they are willing to invest the additional time and money required, but One on One Coaching is not something every player needs.

One on One Coaching will significantly contribute to the overall long term development of a player and complement our small group Academy Series curriculum.  The Academy Series successfully meets the needs of 90% of our students. Our experience is that One on One Coaching significantly benefits players 11 and older. It will also benefit existing Academy students and players that need attention with a specific skill, and/or movement issue.

In addition, One on One Coaching can have a critical role in Injury Recovery.  While this would not be considered a “quick fix” the individualized Coaching Plan will address the specific needs of a wide variety of injuries.


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