How do I cancel my Membership?

The first step to canceling your membership is to first know WHEN is the absolute last date you can/want to attend. Once you have established that date, count 30 days before that time. We require 30 days notice of your intended cancellation date in written form (email works fine). Giving us more time will allow us the chance to reduce any additional cancellation fees.

If you cancel your membership within the first 6 months of joining in the Integrated 4.0 model, the cancellation fee is increased to $199. This is because the total cost of the Integrated 4.0 program is split into a yearly payment plan for your convenience. With this payment plan, we do not break even on the revenue accrued for services rendered until the 7th month of a 4.0 Membership subscription. And if someone decides to cancel within the first 6 months, we will never make a profit or even break even on costs. That is why a $199 cancellation fee is installed in our policy, in order to offset these losses.

If you cancel after your first 6 months however, your last monthly tuition payment will cover your cancellation fee, on the condition a written notice is received 30 days prior.

However, if your player graduates from high school, they will also be graduating from LeftFoot so there will be no cancellation fee.

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