What happened to the Movement Series?

Movement series will no longer be an Academy series level, but rather a series of four specific classes that need to be completed before a student is moved into Combination series. Current Foundation Series students have this added to their membership, but Youth Academy students will be taught these skills in their Youth Academy sessions.

Movement Series: Multi-Directional Speed & Agility - The focus of the Multi-Directional Speed & Agility workshop is for players to master 12 specific skills related to soccer. The techniques coached in this session are the fastest ways to move on the soccer field.
Movement Series: Lateral Deceleration - Students attending this session will learn techniques to decelerate, accelerate, and prevent injury. These techniques are a vital and integral part of every technique in the academy and must be mastered before more advanced techniques.
Movement Series: Cutting at Speed - Technique related to speed, cutting, and change of direction to evade defenders. These skills off the ball are critical to mastering movement prior to learning the LeftFoot Coaching Foundation Series.
Movement Series: Changing Direction with the Ball - This workshop centers around combining off-the-ball movement techniques with footskills to develop players who can make the ball do what they want when they want.
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