What is Academy Trial Application?

Four key steps to becoming a member at LeftFoot Coaching Academy.

Experience the Difference

Your Academy experience is designed to help players and families start the journey at LeftFoot with an experiential process. Our members have the flexibility to orient their child's coaching based on maximum flexibility of a scheduling process that allows for rescheduling and canceling anytime within two months. 


Attend, Assess, Interview, Commit.


Attend Sessions

  • Your player will attend four Academy sessions to experience what training at LeftFoot is all about.
  • Book your first session based on general experience of your player.
  • Our coaches will assess your player based on our Great Player Model of Development™.

Assessment - Coaching Call

  • Your child’s Private Trial Assessment will be attached to your profile in FrontDesk HQ
  • An email will be sent to you after your first visit for booking a Trial Coaching Call to get feedback from the coaches and guidance for scheduling your next session.
  • Take the time to ask the coach questions about your players’ development needs.
  • The Academy of Coaches will organize your players’ development needs within our Academy Series Progressions and suggest an appropriate training plan in time for your Membership Interview

Membership Interview

  • Around your second or third visit and approval from the Academy of Coaches you will be invited to schedule a Membership Interview
  • Schedule your Membership Interview prior to your fourth visit.
  • Your Membership Coordinator will summarize the coaching suggestions and present options based on our Tuition Plans for Membership Consideration. They will discuss or present any concerns from the Academy of Coaches

Commit - Invite to Membership

After accepting an invitation into the Academy, commitment of both the parent and the player will drive your child’s success.

To sign up for an Academy Trial click here.


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