III. Core Programs - 04.1. Issues : Package Setup 20.4

Package Setup for the 20.4 November enrollment period has been known to create several issues impacting customer accounts. 

  1. Double Billing 
  2. Payment Confusion
  3. Notification of Payment Failure
  4. Lack of Client Permissions to Purchase the LeftFoot Fast-Pass
  5. Plan Adjustments - October Sessions not allocated

We have created a resolution to the Package Setup process that includes simpler plan adjustment, reflection of payment plans, pass allocation and ease of use. 

This page will be updated. 

1. Double Billing

Some double billing has occurred both through Infusionsoft and from customers paying two separate invoices. To remedy the issue we have allocated any double payment to the next month billing. As well we are planning to remove any and all billing for Tuition Plans from Pike13. 

2. Payment Confusion

Customers are seeing payments and bills due through the Pike13 scheduling system. Payments will be removed from Pike 13 for 20.4 November Tuition Plans. 

3. Notification of Payment Failure

Customers have been notified of a payment failure through the Pike13 scheduling system since the dates and payments have not been aligned. Moving forward payments will only be reflected as Infusionsoft Payment Plan Invoice # 

4. Lack of Client Permissions 

Client permissions to purchase the LeftFoot Fast-Pass have not allowed customers to add - on to sessions using their Discount Codes and/or not to see the purchase option. Moving forward, parents will be able to login as themselves, and purchase a Fast-Pass through the Academy Class without having to navigate as their player. 

5. Plan Adjustments

For the November Enrollment period package setup procedures allocated the October passes in October of 2018 instead of October of 2017. This has led to some confusion on the distribution structure as well as the availability of dates, times and permissions of scheduling. Moving forward we will re-add October - December sessions 4 per month with a cut-off date of February 1st. beginning December 15th we will add weekend and a holiday camp to allow excess sessions to be used. 

For further information about the resolution of the Package Setup Issues please see Package Setup Updates. (Forthcoming ) 

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