Your player profile. How to find, update and manage.

Your player's profile will be the tool to let us manage your player and keep you up to date with appropriate coaching recommendations.

Please take the time to update your player's profile each summer after tryouts, as well as any time there is a change to their club, playing age group, or playing level.

We reset the data every September, so it will ask you to update it each year in September either way, so be sure to change their t-shirt size from youth sm to adult sm! ....If you've been with us a while.


1. First off you will need to go to "Your Dashboard".


2. Scroll down and click on your student's name on the right hand side.

3. On your player's Dashboard click on their name and it will bring you to their contact information and custom fields.


We try to update anything and everything you need to know about your player in their profile. 

Your Player Profile includes Discount Codes for Members, Students and recommendations for Coaching programs, tuition plans, etc.


If there's ever anything you need to update...

 Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Edit Profile."


Then make sure to edit the following fields to your current information.



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